Helpful Details For Nannies & Families in New York City

What’s New York Like For Nannies And Kids?

Manhattan, New York was purchased by the Dutch in 1626 for 60 Gulders. The city consists of 5 boroughs; Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island. New York is the largest city in the United States with a population of over 8,250,000 people. With its diversity of cultures and places of interest, few U.S. cities can compare with New York City as an incredibly interesting place to be a kid or raise a kid! SearchUp

Nannies caring for children in New York City have unmatched opportunities for teaching little ones about history, art, world religions, music, cuisine, literature and the world of commerce. A nanny has only to take her pick of libraries, parks, museums, restaurants and more to ensure that the children in her care learn something new and have a wonderful time. New York City kids, in the care of a thoughtful New York nanny, have the chance to grow up with a world-class understanding of life in America and a well-rounded appreciation for the variety that makes our country great.

Ten fun activities for your children and NYC nanny

1. Visit the NY Hall of Science
2. Go on an audition just for the heck of it
3. Wave to the cameras on The Today Show
4. Have tea at the Plaza
5. Ride the Shark Boat
6. Climb the Statue of Liberty
7. Ride the row boats in Central Park
8. Go to Dylan’s Candy Bar
9. Go to Economy Candy
10. Get locked up at the Police Museum

Twelve top New York City Parks that are good for children and fun for New York nannies

Central Park. Location: Central Park, New York, NY

This is THE park in New York. Your Manhattan nanny will find lots of kids for her charges to play with and lots of nannies to smooze with.

New York Hall of Science: A wonderful place for New York kids, parents and nanny NYC

Cunningham Park: Excellent place for a New York nanny to stroll with her charge.

Nelson A Rockefeller Park: Your NYC nanny will find lots to do with her charge in this park

Roy Wilkins Park & Rec Center: Children with their New York nanny will enjoy the many activities here.

New York public libraries: A wonderful place for children and their NYC nanny.

Andrew Heiskell Braille & Talking Book Library Mid-Manhattan Library

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